A comprehensive guide to the infrared sauna

Written for infrared sauna beginners to devotees. Covers the basics, benefits, use, differences, and how-to of far-infrared saunas.

This is the clear, complete infrared sauna site we could never find back when we needed one!

When we got interested in buying a sauna eight years ago for the health effects, it wasn’t possible to find all this information in one place.

So we bought an fir sauna and got started.

    Did you know…that amongst the organizations world-wide that have researched and/or endorsed the effects of IR saunas are:
    • The World Health Organization (WHO)
    • The NASA Space Program
    • Mayo Clinic Researchers
    • Environmental and Allergy Medicine Specialists
    • Olympic Teams
    • Professional Sports Teams
    You’ll learn why here. And you’ll learn exactly how to take advantage of this technology.

Since then, through in-depth research and heavy usage, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. What’s hype and what’s fact. What the real differences are between the various components and materials that are used to build a sauna.

Throughout this site we will share with you everything we’ve learned—the medical research, users’ stories and testimonials, technical information, tips and our own experiences.

Our home sauna has become part of our lifestyle. We rely on it to keep healthy and get away from it all. (You can read about our incredible experiences detoxifying in the sauna in our sauna detoxification section.) If you never have time to read anymore, you will in your sauna!

An infra-red sauna may seem like a luxury item. Like us, though, as you understand its powerful effects to cleanse your body and relax your mind of the stressors that surround us daily, you may come to see it as more of a necessity.