The 2 Person Sauna : Why this is the most popular far infrared sauna size

What is the best sauna size to buy? Should solo users buy a 2 person sauna? Or would that just be a waste of money?

Even if you plan on using your fir sauna all alone, it may not be the one person sauna that’s best -- unless that's all you can afford. Read why below.

Sizes of infrared home saunas

Far infrared (fir) saunas are available in sizes to accommodate anywhere from 1 to 6 bathers. It’s the 2 person infrared sauna that is the industry’s most popular unit currently sold, though. That’s what we bought.

Why is the 2 person infrared sauna so popular?

The 2 person fir sauna is the most common type of sauna sold for several reasons, including: the small footprint size, application (purpose they are used for), effectiveness, comfort, and how easy this size is for do-it-yourselfers to build. These saunas are usually modular (they come in a few large pieces) and installation of these far infrared saunas is not at all hard.

Remember that a 4 person sauna requires more space and is a lot heavier. Still, if you can afford one and have the space, a bigger sauna has its own attractions.

Sauna Footprint – How much floor space it takes up

With an average size of 75”h x 50”w x 40”d (that’s a little over 6 ft. high, 4 ft. wide and 3 ft. deep), the wood cabinet of the 2 person sauna can fit and blend nicely into almost any room. We keep ours in the den. When we have two people using the sauna together, either one of us can look straight through the door window into the back garden (but no-one can see in...)!

Most manufacturers construct the sauna to look more like a piece of furniture than a piece of recreational equipment or a therapeutic device. Ours is a poplar sauna and it's just lovely.

If the sauna is built for or has accessories that allow for outdoor use, the not-so-big footprint of the 2 person sauna size allows it to be used on most patios, decks, balconies, or even under a gazebo, without looking out of place. (Outdoor saunas page coming soon.)

Application : 2 person saunas are suitable both for recreation and detox

The two primary applications of the infrared sauna are recreational and therapeutic. Learning how to take a far infrared sauna is easy.

The 2 person sauna is an ideal recreational retreat for two sauna bathers. It is large enough that two average sized adults can comfortably sit side-by-side while enjoying each other's company, relaxing in style, and reaping the beneficial effects of an fir session.

The units are small enough that either bather can reach and operate the control panel, adjust a vent, or open the door and leave at will. We often use our home sauna in pairs.

Remember to consider how big the users are! Be certain the bench length will be long enough to allow you to sit side-by-side with some “breathing space” between you. You’ll want a few inches at least between your thighs. It’s hard to fully relax in a cramped space.

For solo detox the roominess offered by a 2 person sauna is ideal

If you plan to use your fir sauna by yourself to detoxify, or as part of a purification program, the 2 person infrared sauna is ideal. It offers a large sphere of comfort and extra bench and floor space for towels, reading materials and water bottles.

Also, the roominess of these little sauna rooms reduces the possibility of a claustrophobic feeling during the hours of use necessary for an intensive sauna detoxification program.


For recreational users, almost any size fir sauna will be effective. The only disadvantage that recreational users may experience is if they are using a sauna with another bather and – because of the sauna design - the other bather blocks the fir heat coming off from the far infrared heaters positioned on the opposite side. Not a big deal.

For the therapeutic user, the two person sauna offers maximum exposure to the sauna heaters when used alone. (Having company is nice, though, and detoxification will still occur with two in the sauna.) If more than one person in your family is undergoing a serious sauna detoxification program, consider using the sauna one by one - this way you'll avoid inhaling whatever the other person may be outgassing.

The extra interior volume of the 2 person infrared sauna vs the one person sauna size also permits more room for air circulation and dissipation of any chemicals you may be outgassing as you detoxify.

Did you know? Typical specifications for the 2 person far infrared sauna

Average size 50”w x 40”d x 75”h
Approximate weight 325 lbs
Number of windows 1 – 3
Typical wattage 1600w – 1850w
110 volt
5 – 6 rod type heaters or 7 to 9 panel heaters
Assembly time: about 30 minutes.

Build-it-yourself – sauna room plans

For all the reasons above, the 2 person sauna is an attractive size for do-it-yourself homeowners to buy as a kit, too. Weight and portability in particular are key considerations. The various plans, parts and sauna kits available allow for 2 person saunas that can be constructed to be portable and weigh only slightly more then the modular, mass-produced units.

Keep in mind that if you elect to build a 2 person infrared sauna to be used as part of a detoxification or purification program, only the highest quality materials should be used and no glues, solvents, or plastics should be part of the finished product! Move on from the 2 person sauna to benefits of the infrared sauna.