Is a 4 Person Sauna Right for Your Home?

Need some help deciding whether a 4 person sauna is the right size for you?

For me, deciding on the size for our sauna was easy — my mom and I knew we’d want to use it together (which eliminated a 1 person sauna), and we couldn’t afford larger than a 2 person sauna .

Here’s what you’ll need to consider in deciding on your personal or family sauna size (details follow):

• How you plan to use your sauna—for relaxation & casual enjoyment and/or for a serious detoxification program?

• Where you plan to put it—along a wall, or in a corner?

• How much you want to spend?

• What the electrical requirements of the sauna units you are considering are - and whether the space you’ve chosen can accommodate them

How do you plan to use your sauna?

(Of course, no matter what single purpose you or someone else in your family might have for using your infrared sauna, the great thing is that everyone will be receiving every other one of the infrared sauna benefits automatically, too, every time they use it.)

For relaxation and casual enjoyment

The 4 person sauna is the ideal infrared sauna for singles or couples who enjoy entertaining. It’s also great as a family sauna.

The sauna experience is very different in a 4 person sauna than in a 2 person sauna . While the 4 person layout allows for a comfortable amount of space for two couples to socialize and relax together in, this same space, when used by only one couple, is… a luxurious amount.

You can recline properly in a 4 person infrared sauna

A unique feature of 4 person saunas is that you can lean back against a wall and stretch your legs straight out in front of you. (In a 2 person sauna , you’d have to keep your knees bent.) Some manufacturers sell a wooden backrest that accommodates this lounging posture.

Lying down completely flat, however, is not advised for far infrared saunas. The heater layout in the majority of fir saunas isn’t designed for this.

Furthermore, lying flat would place your head and face directly in line with the fir heaters. To date, nowhere have we read that this has been formally tested. It may be perfectly safe —but until we know for sure, we won’t take the chance. See how to take a sauna .

For infrared sauna detoxification

If, however, your primary goal for buying your sauna is as a tool for infrared sauna detoxification (come back for our upcoming pages on sauna detox) of yourself and/or a loved one, then you might want to factor in the extra cost associated with heating this larger space (see below).

Prior to starting you sauna detox program, you will want to take care to notice where the infrared sauna detoxification of yourself and/or a loved one, then you might want to factor in the extra cost associated with heating this larger space (see below).

Prior to starting you sauna detox program, you will want to take care to notice where the infrared heaters are placed. To assure balanced exposure of you’re your right and left sides to the far infrared waves the heaters are emitting, you may want to rotate the spots you sit in during your sessions. This is not a concern in 2 person saunas.

Where in your home will the sauna go?

Space requirements

The ideal room for your 4 person sauna is one that is spacious, well lit, has good ventilation, and has a great view to the outdoors. You can buy a model designed to fit in a corner, if that’s where it would fit best. A four person model is also a great option as an outdoor sauna, on a deck or in the pool house.

4 person standard saunas are rectangular

Although the geometry of a standard 4 person sauna is very different from the 4 person corner design, the total floor space it consumes is basically the same as for the corner unit.

Some 4 person standard saunas have benches along one wall. Others offer two bench seats that are across from one another.

4 person corner saunas are diamond-shaped

The 4 person corner sauna has a diamond shape. Its benches are perpendicular to each other. The perpendicular bench seating will allow you and your company to easily and comfortably view one another while you speak. With windows spanning across the front of the sauna, these saunas offer the advantage of great views outwards from the benches inside.

4 person outdoor saunas

A four person sauna unit is a popular size for an outdoor sauna. Not all saunas are designed for outdoor use, though. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the fir sauna you are considering buying (or own already), can be used outdoors.

Recently, far infrared sauna manufacturers have begun offering the corner unit with the two front walls and the door made primarily out of glass. This allows for excellent visibility, provides a feeling of openness, and reduces the possibility of claustrophobia.


How much will your 4 person infrared sauna cost to run?

Assuming that your sauna draws 2500 watts, and assuming an electrical cost of 16 cents/hr. (which is what we pay)…

Running a 4 person ir sauna will cost you 40 cents/hr. Running a 2 person ir sauna will cost you 26 cents/hr.

How much should the sauna itself cost you?

Beware here! There are a wide range of prices attached to 4 person saunas — but they don’t all get you the same thing.

We caution you not to make your purchase based on price alone.

Exercise due diligence – shop around carefully - and compare the different manufacturer’s specifications:

• What exactly are they offering?
• What wood are they using — cedar, poplar, hemlock, another species? (More on cedar saunas or poplar saunas .)
• How are the pieces assembled? By nails? By glues?
• What accessories come with the sauna?

There are a number of retailers and e-tailers that offer 4 person saunas at prices that are the same as the 2 person saunas of other vendors.

Compare material quality, components, use of adhesives (or other toxins) during construction, finishes, and warranties. Be sure to match the wood the manufacturer uses (cedar, poplar, hemlock, another species) and match it with your needs.

Can your home's electrical wiring handle this size sauna ?

If you are a purchaser living in the US, you will need to check your available power source before deciding on which 4 person sauna to buy. Due to its size, this unit is available in both 110 volt and 220 volt models.

Furthermore, some units draw 20 amps of current and use a 20 amp plug. Others require 2 separate 15 amp circuits to power them. Each electrical outlet in your house has a certain amperage assigned to it (to determine what that is, you’ll need to look at the corresponding breaker). If you are unsure if your home can handle a unit of this size, call an electrician with the unit’s specifications or call the sauna manufacturer for help. More on IR Sauna Equipment .

Typical specifications of the 4 person sauna

Average size 72”w x 50”d x 75”h
Average corner unit size 37”W x 32” door, x 59”d x 75”H
Approximate weight 425 lbs
Available as a rectangle or a diamond (corner unit) shape
Number of windows 3 – 6
Typical wattage 1850w -2750w
Available in 110 volt and 220 volt
5 – 9 rod type ceramic heaters or 7 to 13 panel heaters
Assembly time: about 30 to 45 minutes.

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